The ocean — the greatest reservoir of vitality and secrets waiting to be discovered

SEA PLASMA® — a highly-concentrated pure water extract from the Laminaria Digitata algae (over 50% dry mass) — the symbol that distinguishes André Zagozda Laboratory dermo-cosmetics and guarantees their unique effectiveness. Find out why AZ formulas are like nothing you have ever experience.

Why choose André Zagozda


Even more than 40% of active ingredients in AZ products

A standard content of active ingredients in cosmetics ranges from 3 to 7%.


Percent of pure, active vitamin C

The most potent vitamin on the market. You can add it to each AZ cream to make it even more effective.


Outstanding achievements and awards

Discover SEA PLASMA® — a unique, highly-concentrated pure water extract from the Laminaria Digitata algae.


Years of high quality dermo-cosmetics

For three decades, André Zagozda has conducted diverse studies and scientific experiments relating to seawater.

Friends of André Zagozda